Why do you MTB? It can be a tricky thing to put into words. Kitsbow have posted a terrific piece featuring none other than Scot Nicol AKA Chuck Ibis.

What is the meaning of mountain biking? Why do we ride? In this new Kitsbow video series, we explore what it means to ride from the motivations and perspectives of those whose efforts have lent the sport meaning to our own lives. For some, these are easy questions with tangible answers. For others, less so.

In this first chapter, we sought out the voice of Scot Nicol — someone whose vision, experience, and offbeat sense of humor have molded Ibis Cycles into the inspiration that it is today. Who else would know more about mountain biking’s meaning than one of its very pioneers?

Here’s the cool thing… with Ibis all that good ‘Why I MTB’ stuff somehow magically weaves itself into the bikes themselves. Just like when you can feel the passion and effort that has gone into trails when you ride them it’s the same intangible feeling on the Mojo HD. There are lots of capable bikes out there, but the Mojo is something more than the sum of its parts. It’s like the guys that made the bike, the bike itself and you  share the same dream – to ride more, work less.

Scot Nicol from Kitsbow on Vimeo.

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