Digital Hippie

Kris Holm 20″

Warm and Toasty Trials

So… we moved house a while back. It’s taken us a few months to get the old house ready to sell, now down to those jobs you really don’t want to do.

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Google Street Uni View

Was out riding after work, messing around on the 20″ uni at Trentham Falls and Shazaam, the Google Street View car cruised by – unlikely and cool!

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For Animal Treatment Only

I stopped in at Trentham Falls on the way back from the morning school run for a quick uni fix on the KH20. I thought I had warmed up enough but ~30 mins in tweaked a muscle  in my right leg,  same one as during night trials last week. You get that I guess, jumping around in the dark… DOH!

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Look ma, I jumped me van

Wow what a day – record heat for early Spring!  With the Monthly MUni on tomorrow and not feeling 100% I decided to chill out in the home Trials area that is slowly coming together. I’ve  found a supply of strong pallets in a nearby town, at a store that throws them out each week… GREAT SUCCESS!

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Budget Trials

I’ve started work on a small Trials area at home with the aim being to keep the cost as low as possible. So far I’ve collected five pallets, a couple of planks and some old pavers (for wet and muddy ground), total cost ATM: $0.00!

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