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Alpine EPIC Teaser

Bike Buller have posted a video teaser of the new Australian Alpine EPIC trail due to open on December 6th.

It was a dream come true to work with World Trail last Summer on the EPIC trail and I’m super proud of what we achieved. I don’t have any doubt that the fast and flowy ~8km descent from the Pinnacle down to Plain Creek will become a bucket list item. And the roll back along the Delatite River to Mirimbah complete with rock steps down to its own swimming hole, is sublime.

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Bye Bye Buller, Baby Bye Bye

With construction of the EPIC trail wrapped up it’s time to say a bittersweet Bye Bye Baby, Baby Bye Bye to Mt Buller. Arriving on the mountain back in early December and walking the trail alignment, the scope of the project felt so huge it was as if we might be spending the rest of our lives working on it. It’s weird now to be tucking the finished trail into bed for the Winter, ready for the grand opening in Summer 2014.

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Four Mile Spur

We’d ticked off West Ridge and Howqua, the last backcountry adventure for the Summer to tick off was Four Mile Spur. 

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Going Down

The lift beside the apartment door is where every work day and MTB adventure at Mt Buller starts and ends. It’s like a scene from The Matrix as the synthetic voice intones ‘Going Down’ while you sit on your bike waiting to burst out of the metallic, artificial confines of the lift and out on to the trails.

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Rakey’s Tomb

You’ve gotta love your trail building tools! Rakey’s been one of my best buds, helping shape over 4000 meters of the Alpine Epic descent.

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Snakes and Ladders

Work on Mt Buller’s EPIC MTB Trail is powering along. We’re ~4000 meters into the final section which is shaping up to be an awesome +7000m descent. Super fast, flowing traverses linked by deep berms, all snaking down through massive Alpine forest with heaps of vertical on offer. It should be a hoot when the trail opens next Summer!

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