I was at Pinkbike checking out pics of Niner’s Carbon dually and wondered how much longer it would be before Ibis released more info on their new 29er. Moments later news of the Ibis Ripley 29’er appeared on Facebook and the Ibis site. Cool.

Ibis Ripley 29'er MTB
Ibis Ripley 29’er MTB

The Ripley 29er is an all carbon dw-link 120mm travel MTB, the key feature being the twin rotating eccentrics that replace short coupled link as used on the Mojo family of bikes. Pretty funky, sort of reminds me of the Switch tech used by Yeti but x2.

Mojo vs Ripley - Link vs Eccentrics
Mojo vs Ripley – Link vs Eccentrics

There’s already a lot of info on the Ripley 29 available on the Ibis site as well as community chatter in the Ibis forum on MTBR and the Ibis Facebook page.

Ibis Ripley 29er
Ibis Ripley 29er

I love my Mojo HD to bits so haven’t been hanging out like some guys for details of the Ibis 29er, but have been looking forward to checking it out as I’ve enjoyed bigger wheels on both uni’s and MTB loaners. You never know, might be in the market for a 29er dually one day! For now though look forward to videos, reviews etc of the Ibis Ripley 29er in action.


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  1. Nice! I have been awaiting details since I read on the Ibis site about a 29er project in the pipeline. Now all I have to do is find someone who wants to buy one of my kidneys so I can afford a Ripley….:P

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