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Schlumpf Hub

Ongoing review of Schlumpf Hub

Goodbye old Buddy!

It’s been a fun and wild ride but it’s time to say goodbye old buddy! to my KH Schlumpf 24″ Geared Unicycle (GUni). It’s headed off to Canada, to a placed called Saskatchewan. With a name that cool I’d love to go there myself, heck I would love to go to anywhere in Canada.

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Planet Axle Pin Test Screw

I received the planet axle pin test screw from Schlumpf today, another example of the high level of customer service Florian provides. My #226 hub has been running GREAT but with extra speed and complexity of a GUni it’s well worth checking that everything is operating as it should be.

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With my geared hub out of a wheel and heading back to Switzerland I’ve been thinking more about what GUni to make next. The 36’er GUni was great fun for XC off road riding — a super speed machine with two genuinely useful gears — but TBH I ended up feeling I wasn’t making the most of the hub, and given I don’t have any interest in road riding just to make better use of the hub chances are it won’t be going back into a 36’er.

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MIA Schlumpf Shifter Button

Out on an afternoon forest ride in early April the familiar clicking sound as I went to change gears was absent, my ankle and shoe couldn’t seem to find the shifter button. No wonder – the button was MIA. How useful is a GUNI 36’er  on the trail without those little shifter buttons? Not very… ARGH!

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