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Ride East Coast

So many great places to ride along the East Coast. This trip could take a lifetime.

2013 Highlights

2013 marked 25 years of mountain biking for me. Not that numbers mean anything when it comes down to it, but I remember thinking at the start of the year it would be cool to celebrate the occasion somehow. 2013 turned out to be a genuinely epic year of MTB!

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Hippie Goes World Trail

From creating and maintaining ‘illegal’ trails in the Central Victorian bush to working on the 2014 World Cup XC and DH trails in Far North Queensland for World Trail. Who would have saw that coming? Not me that’s for sure… well maybe in my dreams!

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Smithfield MTB Park Cairns

Cairns MTB folk are stoked and rightly so. Not only is their awesome Gravitate MTB Festival only a few weeks away, but earlier in the year it was announced that Cairns had secured the 2017 MTB World Championships along with UCI World Cups in 2014 and 2016.  All the action is set to happen at Smithfield with World Trail on the job, busily rebuilding tracks in preparation for the cross country and downhill events. 

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The Bump Track Port Douglas

From animal tracks to overgrown fire and logging trails, back in the early days of MTB every unsealed track was worth a look see. That none were designed in any way for MTB just added to fun and adventure. The Bump Track in Mowbray National Park is one such trail that has been enjoyed by mountain bikers for over 25 years. After a great day at Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park I figured it was fitting to head back in time and enjoy some old school MTB on the infamous Bump Track before continuing on to Smithfield.

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Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park

I’ve been drooling over trail construction images posted to World Trail’s Facebook page for what seems to be forever. From my home in Victoria I wondered if I’d ever ride their trails in Far North Queensland, some ~3500km from Castlemaine. But driving up to Queensland to stay with my folks in the Burdekin district meant Atherton and Cairns were now just one weekend road trip away…

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Under the Radar MTB Trail Pallarenda Townsville

Some of the best adventures are the unexpected ones! I felt pretty good after riding the Douglas Trails in the morning and while refueling on a Coke and burger on The Strand decided to check out the trails at Pallarenda before heading home to Ayr. I didn’t know much about the ‘Under the Radar’ trail other than local ‘outtacontrol’ saying it had incredible views over the ocean. That’s enough for me! 

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Douglas MTB Trails Townsville

As a kid I never liked Townsville. My family would drive up from our cane farm in the Burdekin district to visit Grandparents in Townsville a couple of times a year. I can’t recall how or why the dislike began but bizarrely it stayed with me over the years – until I flew into the city a while back and from the window of the plane spied hillsides dripping with single track… perhaps I needed to get my shit together and check Townsville out grown up style! 

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