Big Wheel MUni

Didj the Kelpie, Big Wheel MUni (Mountain Unicycling), Baco, Castlemaine

It’s been almost 3 months since my last ride on a mountain unicycle, forgive me father!  I’ve been back on a mountain bike and loving it. Doesn’t mean I won’t be doing MUni (Mountain Unicycling) any more though.

Poverty Gully

Poverty Gully, Castlemaine

I last rode Poverty Gully in October 2008 on my way from Mt Franklin to Castlemaine on the KH29. Back then I arrived at Poverty Gully just on night fall, close to the end of a +30k MUni ride.  It tested me out, as the lights of Castlemaine in the valley below seem so close […]

Blue Tongue

Not so camera shy Blue Tongue Lizard

Not a new KH shoe accessory but a very cool Australian reptile. Like me and Didj the Blue Tongue lizard was out on the trail today catching some sun, warming up after the unusually cold weekend that saw snow fall across the Central Highlands – don’t see that very often in late Spring.

Late Afternoon Cruise

Big Wheel MUni (Mountain Unicycling), Baco, Castlemaine

After a wild morning including snow across the Central Highlands — in October! — and passing storms things started to settle down just in time for a late afternoon cruise on the 36’er.

Wheel’y Fast MUni

I’ve been enjoying some fast MUni on the KH36 while collecting more footage to be used in the final edit of the KH36 Rollercoaster MUni movie. Just a couple of seconds left to work out and it will be done.

Good Gully Ms MUni

Gully Pic Stop

I headed back to the MTB trails in Wattle Flat, this time on the 36’er. It’s all fun single track but the section I was looking forward to most was the trail that snakes down a long gully, swooping back and forth into a dry creek bed many times. I’d ridden it on the 24 […]

Single Trackin in the Rain

Cranking a turn on the big wheel

Huge fun today on the 36’er. A sunny day turned to rain, the single track slicked up, the big wheel cranked some turns, and I managed to get caught out by the same piece of flooded single track, same UPD, same bloody knee … same loser! 😛

KH Blues Brothers

Blues Brothers, KH Mountain Unicycles

The last couple of rides has got me feeling the love for off roading on the 36’er big time – the momentum the big wheel carries through the trail is a hoot, especially when combined with cranks a little too short to be relaxing – but the 24 GUni isn’t so keen on being replaced […]