Ibis have donated a Mojo SL to help raise money for Mikaela Sienkiewicz, a 13 year old who is in a hospital awaiting a  kidney and liver transplant. Each $5 donation buys you a ticket in the raffle to win the SL, every $20 donation 5 tickets. As posted in Ibis Cycles News:

We’d sure appreciate it if you help us help Mikaela. 100% of the money goes to her transplant fund. Nobody makes any money on this raffle. You do a good thing, and who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky. Even if you don’t get lucky, throwing $5 or $10 or $20 Mikaela’s way will help more than you can imagine.

The Mojo SL is the super lightweight 140mm travel sibling of the Mojo HD. The winner is drawn at random on April 29th. Get to it!


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