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Wheel Love Stories

I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round

1988 Solo MTB Adventure

After living and studying in South East Queensland for a few years it was time to leave behind everything that couldn’t be carried on a mountain bike and ride off into the sunset… destination unknown.

The year was 1988.  Brisbane was pumping with the long awaited World Expo in full swing at Southbank. You’d reckon I would’ve wanted to stick around for the six month long party but it didn’t seem to matter. Nor that I only had several weeks left to complete my teaching degree. It was time to make fat tyred tracks!

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The One Constant

I received a package of old childhood photos in the mail from my folks the other day (thanks mum and dad!). Looking through them reminded me of how much change gets crammed into our relatively short lives. Relationships, possessions,  jobs, technology, you name it…  it’s not that change is a bad thing, it’s inevitable and part of the adventure, but even within one simple hippie’s life has anything remained constant?

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Digital Hippie Timeline

For whatever reason I’ve always loved getting around on a wheel or two… wheel love makes the world go around I guess! Decade to decade, here’s how it’s gone down.

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