Digital Hippie

Wombat Forest

The Tunnel

A while back I overheard some MTB riders talking about a cool single track trail in the Wombat Forest that passes through an old gold mining area, with most of the track cut into the hillside and at times a steep drop down to the river on one side. Sounded great!

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Hail Uni

It was sunny and warm today when I left home on the 36’er. Within an hour dark grey/green clouds built up, then the wind, then hail, then sleet and rain… OUCH! In less than 30 minutes the temperature dropped a bunch making for a wet and cold remainder of the ride. Lesson: Carry a better rain shell during Spring.

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Merino Wool

Recent winter forest MUni rides have been a LOT more comfortable due largely by a change in clothing. I’ve discovered Merino wool!

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Woodend MTB Singletrack

I felt ok after the monthly MUni ride so with a break in the wet weather and the flu seemingly done and dusted it was time to start exploring the network of MTB singletrack trails at Woodend, something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. The singletrack might also be ideal for upcoming MUni group rides.

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