Digital Hippie

Wombat Forest

DeFender of Rain and Cold

It takes some convincing to head out for an off road ride in cold Winter rain but after the first few minutes you realize it’s well and truly worth it. Riding off road in the rain is great fun, equal parts peaceful and crazy slippery. Plus how else can you test if a new mudguard works? With the Topeak Defender M2 fitted to my KH 29’er I headed out into the forest, onto a loop I know from experience puddles up well.

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KH Freeride 29 Road Test

With the KH 29″ Freeride ready to ride and a beautiful Autumn afternoon calling I headed out to a challenging stretch of single track in the Wombat Forest. This particular track has always felt a little beyond the combination of my skill and the standard 29’er, and is also too far from home to ride out to on the 24″ which would probably better suit sections of the trail. It seemed like an ideal place to road test the Freeride 29’er.

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6 Hour Cyclic Navigator 2008

6 Hours of your own Amazing Race! I’ve been looking forward to the Cyclic Navigator, a 6 hour MTB Orienteering style event where the aim is to reach as many control points hidden in the forest as you can within the time available, all the while riding the route of your choice.

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