The day of the first Wombat Forest Monthly MUni finally arrived, and amazingly after more than a week of cold drizzly weather the sun came out. Blue skies, fresh clean air — an awesome day for Mountain Unicycling.

After meeting up at the Glenlyon General Store we drove to Bridge Road/Reed Track, a handy starting point with forest rides heading out in all directions. With uni’s sorted we hit the trails.

The ride route:

Ride Route, Wombat Forest
Ride Route, Wombat Forest

Mud puddle crossings were the order of the day, providing lots of laughs and wet gear, but unfortunately no full on face plants 🙂

Mud and Puddle Crossings
Eric the Red crossing one of the many mud puddles

After looping down to the Loddon river and back up to vehicles we rode down an unnamed idyllic stretch of single track.

Paddy, infected with MUni Madness
Paddy, infected with MUni Madness
Morgan bailing
Morgan bailing, Boundary Road

After the ride we headed back to the Glenlyon General Store for drinks and food.

Barry, Morgan, Paddy, Eric, Pete
Barry, Morgan, Paddy, Eric, Pete

Many thanks to Barry and Julie who came up from Melbourne, and generously helped out with a spare MUni. Barry, Morgan, Paddy and Eric, thanks for the ride. Onya guys!

Lesson learned: Everyone bring more food next time, and a few more tools.

Next monthly MUni: Sunday 12th July

3 Responses

  1. Sweet. 🙂
    You wouldn’t be able to send me the videos of our puddle crossings could you?
    Also, Dad was wondering if you could send a description/map of the route we took.

    Cant wait for the next one!

  2. Heya Morgan, here’s a replay in my Garmin Connect area that shows where we rode and also where in the forest it was:
    (forgot to turn the GPS gadget off so it’s a little funky, sorry)

    With the video, sure no problem. Will drop them by on a memory card, might also appear on Youtube in the next day or two 🙂

    We’ll have to get a few MUni rides in before you head off to camp, no problem!

  3. Who ever reads this you should get into muni or unicycle riding if you haven’t already it’s awrsome

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