The Bike Around the Bay in Melbourne was on today. I had entered again as it was great fun last year on the 36’er – over 16,000 cyclists and 2 unicyclists –   but after a week of wet weather and a couple of early starts for a new job I decided to stay at home and enjoy the beautiful Spring day and forest outside the front door – beats an early morning drive down to the city any day!

I headed out to an area of the Wombat Forest called Happy Valley and found a couple of new trails, mainly single track made by dirt bike riders and great fun on the 24 GUni.

Warm and fuzzy signs, encouraging you to be at one with the forest 🙂

I hadn’t had a proper breakfast or lunch, so not surprisingly I started to feel fairly average later on in the ride, crashed a lot and bonked about an hour from home… DOH!

Quite a few UPD’s today including a couple I’ll probably feel for a day or two. All part of the fun of MUni though!

Widow Makers!
Widow Makers!
Pic Stop
Happy Valley Trails

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