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Mt Tarrengower

Butting Out

Fine and cool  with virtually no wind — what a cracker of a day. Had to get out to The Butts at Mt Tarrengower this afternoon to make the most of it. I really enjoy it up there, lots of fun riding, rugged bush and boulders, views, peace and quiet… and loads of white wildflowers out.

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Spring Rates

First day of Spring, cracker of a day, feeling ok with some time to spare  so had to get out on the Mojo HD. Headed out to Mt Tarrengower to play around on the granite rocks and boulders above The Butts.  Have hardly ridden in the last three weeks so tried to take it easy, don’t want the flu to return. I didn’t ride that well, sort of heavy vs floating — the rear tire took a beating — but it was great to be out. The large boulders are fun no matter what.

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Supreme Shuttle

Some shake, rattle and roll in the bones after yesterday’s crash so no riding today. Instead I headed out to Maldon to walk some of the trails on Mt Tarrengower — good way to get to know them better though maybe sometimes the things you notice while walking might put you off next time you’re riding them!

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The Butts

Not as much riding lately mainly due to a touch of the flu over the last few weeks, combined with mainly grey, cold, damp overcast days. I’ve started to feel better over the last couple of days so made the most of a sunny, clear morning — last day of Autumn — and headed out to Mt Tarrengower to check out the trails above the area known as The Butts.

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BYO Shuttle

A thread on Rotorburn a while back asked What defines AM to you?.  All Mountain may be category of bike but it’s way more than that. The heart of MTB is AM, where it’s all about The Ride. It’s not about the race, not about the weight of your bike, what clothes you’re wearing, or what gear you are running. It’s about the adventure, the flow, the rush. Yeah you know what I mean!

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