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Mt Tarrengower

VicDH Series Maldon

Headed out to Maldon this afternoon to catch the some of the racing in the final round of the Vic Downhill Series.  Incredible watching the fast guys as they showed absolute commitment at the top of the course, taking the fast line through the air to clear a rocky section followed by a good size drop all in one go, then having to make a turn immediately on landing. No margin for error, just rocks and trees to hit if they messed up. Great crowd and atmosphere up the top too with the intensity of the chants and cheering fluctuating with the fortunes and speed of each rider.

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Big Rough Hill

Tarrengower is thought to be an Aboriginal word meaning ‘big rough hill’. You’d be hard pressed to come up with a more fitting name for the popular downhill location near Maldon, Central Victoria. Mt Tarrengower is made from hornsfels, a collection of super heated and hardened volcanic rocks. Beneath the tree cover there is no shortage of rough stuff.

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Mt Tarrengower MTB Fossils

An antiques and collectables fair has been on at Maldon this weekend, strangely including two fossil MTB guys who ended up on Mt Tarrengower’s downhill Valley run admist a sea of downhilling youngin’s.

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Mount Tarrengower Revisited

We headed out to Maldon to visit family this afternoon. It was also an opportunity to take a uni along for another ride up Mount Tarrengower. The 36 with 137 cranks didn’t really give me the power on the day to grind up the climb last time around, so this time I chose the KH29, 2.1 Big Apple slick and 137 cranks.

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