I last rode Poverty Gully in October 2008 on my way from Mt Franklin to Castlemaine on the KH29. Back then I arrived at Poverty Gully just on night fall, close to the end of a +30k MUni ride.  It tested me out, as the lights of Castlemaine in the valley below seem so close but so far away, appearing briefly every now and then as the trail messed with my tired head, winding in and out of deep gullies for what seemed to be forever.

Poverty Gully, Castlemaine
Poverty Gully, Castlemaine

I’ve always wanted to go back there in daylight and check it out as it was good fun – narrow, rolling single track flanked by an old aquaduct on one side and gullies on the other. Some ongoing health dramas have limited mojo lately but I got it together to head out for a ride. The MUni of choice, at the moment anyway, is the KH36, so with the 137’s swapped out for 150’s I loaded up the van and headed out.

No doubt this trail would be a blast on the 24 GUni too, but once you get that big 36’er wheel rolling, the momentum combined with the angle of the attack and the additional pedal clearance sure can be sweet fun. With all rain over the Winter and now Spring, there are many different wild flowers out, add in the mild days, it’s definitely a great time to get some fresh air.

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  1. wow!!! unplanned dismounts has morphed into a digital hippy!!! liking the new site, the layout is cool, and it's good that you have the ability to differentiate mtb and uni articles.

    looking forward to riding start of dec sometime. cheers,


  2. thanks Daniel! yeah time for an overhaul to include other stuff I'm into. I've had the digitalhippie name tucked way since 2006 so bout time I used it! 😛

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