Had fun down at the local reserve today with Didj the uni dog. Didj is a 6 month old kelpie cross with LOTS of energy. We’ve already been out on many walks, uni rides and MTB rides but today was the first day on the 36’er which Didj seemed to get excited about – maybe it’s the extra height, dunno! Didj runs alongside the 29’er no problem but went a little crazy beside the 36’er.

Didj, Uni Dog
36’er Cruising

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  1. Hi Pete!!!

    Surely you could modify your XC bar, mount it from the back of the saddle and have a jump seat for didj to sit on??? By the look of that second photo he is itching to have a ride of the 36er!! Haha.

    Hope you’re doing well.



  2. Didj is like a coiled spring in the mornings, just wants to get out there and go crazy. Some mornings I’ve been going out on the MTB with him – I’d forgotten how easy and fast MTB’s can be!

  3. No Pete, don’t do it, don’t stray back to the 2 wheeled world!!!! Once you go a uni, you are bound to be looney….

    I pick my 26″ GUNI wheel up in the morning, along with a 24″ polo uni wheel. Can’t wait!!!

  4. heya Daniel, how is the GUni?

    No worries about straying back to 2 wheels, it’s fun and fast, great for giving the dog a run, but not anywhere near as satisfying as uni 🙂

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