I received the planet axle pin test screw from Schlumpf today, another example of the high level of customer service Florian provides. My #226 hub has been running GREAT but with extra speed and complexity of a GUni it’s well worth checking that everything is operating as it should be.

The test screw provides a means of double checking that the planet axle pins inside the hub are seated correctly. The hub is shifted into high gear, the slot screw removed and replaced with the test screw which all being well shouldn’t make contact with the axle pins.

Hub #226 came up clear and I’ve stored the test screw away so I can check in 500-1000km. Thanks Florian!

I wish my funky magic left leg was as happy and functional as the hub. The leg has gone from being swollen, bruised and uncomfortable to swollen, bruised and aching – like someone has wrapped a length of wood around it…  could be quite a while before it’s ok for uni, and gear shifting too 🙁

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