With my geared hub out of a wheel and heading back to Switzerland I’ve been thinking more about what GUni to make next. The 36’er GUni was great fun for XC off road riding — a super speed machine with two genuinely useful gears — but TBH I ended up feeling I wasn’t making the most of the hub, and given I don’t have any interest in road riding just to make better use of the hub chances are it won’t be going back into a 36’er.

For me I guess the reality is with almost all my riding being off road, 99.9% time I don’t really need or want to go faster than  a single speed 36’er with 150’s or 137’s can go flat out. It was fun to push it on a 36 GUni, as well as cruise along at bike like cadences but it’s time to try something else.

Prior to a 36’er the geared hub was in a 29″ wheel which I didn’t find especially useful off road, not two useful gears. Given the circumference of a 26″ with a large MUni tire isn’t much less than a 29″ for me I can probably rule out a 26″ GUni for my rides.

All of which leaves the 24″ as the most likely next GUni option, in theory delivering the speed of 36’er and all the benefits of the 24″. We’ll see!

Even with the added complexity, weight and maintenance riding a GUni is a hoot. I’m looking forward to getting back out there!

Schlumpf Geared Hub
Schlumpf Geared Hub

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  1. why is your schlumpf hub heading home for a holiday to switzerland??? does it miss florian, or is it in need of some swiss style TLC???

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