It’s been a fun and wild ride but it’s time to say goodbye old buddy! to my KH Schlumpf 24″ Geared Unicycle (GUni). It’s headed off to Canada, to a placed called Saskatchewan. With a name that cool I’d love to go there myself, heck I would love to go to anywhere in Canada.

Kris Holm Schlumpf 24" Geared Mountain Unicycle, Goodbye old buddy!
Kris Holm Schlumpf 24″ Geared Mountain Unicycle, Goodbye old buddy!

Shifting gears on the fly on a uni is something you’d reckon you shouldn’t be able to do, and mastering the technique while buzzing along on singletrack is something that takes time and commitment, and involves a fair amount of crashing. It’s a lot of fun once you’ve got it sorted. Through all that you tend to become quite attached to your geared unicycle but there’s a last time for everything unfortunately…

Bon voyage GUni!

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  1. RIP old buddy. I'm sure you're going to a good home with Eric the saskatchewanian….. Hope you're cousin the 36er doesn't go the way of the dodo either….

  2. Me too Daniel. Hope to hang on to the 36'er and 20" trials, a good combo I reckon. Plus I need to keep at least one uni I can use my handlebar on!

    It's looking a little sketchy for the 12" though, as fun as it is it might have to go too.

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