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Schlumpf Hub

Ongoing review of Schlumpf Hub

Moment Eating Schlumpf

Unfortunately nothing I do seems to stop my Schlumpf hub from eating Moment cranks. By that I mean eventually a crank (on either side) will progressively move close to the frame to the point of almost touching it – at which time I replace the cranks rather than damage either myself, the frame or the hub. I am now onto my third pair of cranks, which is a concern as Moment cranks aren’t cheap.

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Schlumpf Hub Arrives!

My Schlumpf hub arrived today! It’s a 2 speed unicycle hub with 1:1 and 1:1.5 gearing. 1:1.5 for example turns a 29″ uni into a virtual 43″ – crazy stuff! After a lot of indecision I’ve decided my first GUNI (Geared Unicycle) will be a 29″, primarily because I expect it will take some time to master the gear shift technique and crashing on a 29″ is far more comfortable vs crashing on a 36″.

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