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Kris Holm 20″

Lake Daylesford

Had a fun ride around Lake Daylesford today with Joell, Nicky, Corey and Oscar, all on 20″ wheels which turns even a relatively short ride into a good workout.

I’ve really been enjoying riding the 20″. It’s been my main ride for the last week as I work on improving a whole bunch of skills.

Nicky, Joell and Oscar, Lake Daylesford

Nicky, Joell and Oscar, Lake Daylesford

Winter Steps Challenge

The KH24″ ride last week got me all hot and sweaty — for more technical small wheel riding. I headed back to Twin Bridges in cold Autumn rain with my KH20″ to start working on the ‘Winter Steps Challenge’. By the end of Winter the aim is to be able to ride up and down all sets of steps on the Twin Bridges trail on as many wheel sizes as possible.

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