Was out riding after work, messing around on the 20″ uni at Trentham Falls and Shazaam, the Google Street View car cruised by – unlikely and cool!

I’ve started to get back into working on trials skills over the last week or two. Lots of fun being on the 20″ again though amazingly my left ankle is still not 100% after injuring it last October – it remains tight, sore and weak compared to the right side. BUMMER. Still, just taking it easy and enjoying it.

I was messing around with the self timer which caught me bailing, making a run to be in the Street View shot perhaps? a future in ballet? 😛

I spy the Google Street View car and make a run for it!

Had a fun chat with the Street View driver who answered the most important question ever – ‘How do you get the job of driving the Google car?‘ There definitely was a temptation to jump in the car and create some Google-Pete-View.

Google Street Uni View

After all of that I don’t think I made it into Street View, but my van did 🙂

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  1. He was saying the Street View driver positions are filled via a job agency. I’d actually like to drive for Street View one day, just to be part of a pretty cool piece of tech history.

    His tip was not to drive under low branches or into hotel undercover car parks – quick way to loose your Google Street View camera and job mojo! 🙂

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