I’ve started work on a small Trials area at home with the aim being to keep the cost as low as possible. So far I’ve collected five pallets, a couple of planks and some old pavers (for wet and muddy ground), total cost ATM: $0.00!

I started to mess around today with the bits and pieces and had a lot of fun on the 20″.  Also worked on SIF skills, getting there slowly.

The plan is to scrounge at least another seven pallets, a couple of planks and design a Trials area that also includes a large tree that fell in the yard a while back.

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  1. Heya Matt, the local garden supplies let me grab a few pallets from their spare heap which didn’t appear to belong to Chep or any other company — all of those pallets were stacked elsewhere for return to the relevant companies.

    BTW the one pallet you’re referring to, apart from being blue has no Chep branding 😉

  2. I was only joking. I know that blue paint anywhere, I even saw some on a splinter of wood I found in a meat pie once.

  3. I’ve found the pallet mother load! Should be able to get a LOT of good strong pallets that would’ve been thrown out otherwise over the next few weeks 😛

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