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Ibis Mojo HD

Kung Fu on wheels.

Design Innovation Award

The Ibis Mojo HD has received a 2013 Design & Innovation award from Enduro Mountainbike. Super cool recognition especially considering the Mojo HD was released several years ago yet has become one of the more popular bikes in the emerging enduro culture!

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Not the Grand Canyon Fun

I started messing around with a trail down a little eroded gully (dubbed ‘Not the Grand Canyon‘) about three weeks ago. There’s still work to be done but it’s at the stage where it’s good fun to ride in both directions and is connected into the Woodbrook loop. If you ride out that way my tip is to drop into the canyon as fast as you’re game to – just line it up beforehand the first time!

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Not the Grand Canyon

I spent a couple of hours late in the day digging a little trail down an eroded gully. It might not be the Grand Canyon but it’s still a pretty cool setting. I’ve often walked along it and wondered what it would be like to ride it. Turns out it’s good fun. I went back in the evening to check it out and snapped a couple of spooky pics, thanks to the Exposure Flare red tail light illuminating the gully walls.

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Heavy Grey Clouds

You could almost feel the weight of the heavy grey clouds as a chunky weather front slowly moved across Central Victoria last night. It might have been still, warm & humid ahead of the change but for whatever reason it ended up being awesome conditions for a night ride.

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2013 Mont 24 Hour

What an adventure into the unknown the 2013 Mont 24 Hour turned out to be. While I’d heard of ‘the Mont 24’, not being into the competitive XC MTB scene I had no idea how huge it was. I was expecting maybe a few hundred riders tops, not over 3,000 riders plus family and friends camping on the edge of the East Kowen Forest… funny!!! I guess for me that was really the story of the Mont – experiencing and enjoying a large scale MTB event.

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1X10 Drivetrain Overhaul

The Mojo HD’s 1×10 drivetrain is due for some love including a new chainring, chain and cassette… which inevitably leads to wondering what if any changes to make.

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Kahlua Delicioso MTB Trail

I came across an old Kahlua bottle in the bush a couple of weeks ago, guess it must have inspired me to finish a trail I started marking out back in August 2011. It feels good to finally be riding past those weathered ribbon markers.

Here’s a couple of short video snippets from the first runs down the finished trail which adds ~1.5km to the existing Woodbrook loop. Kahlua Delicioso! 🙂