We headed out to Maldon to visit family this afternoon. It was also an opportunity to take a uni along for another ride up Mount Tarrengower. The 36 with 137 cranks didn’t really give me the power on the day to grind up the climb last time around, so this time I chose the KH29, 2.1 Big Apple slick and 137 cranks.

It was a hot, humid afternoon but the light weight of the 29 and leverage of the 137’s got me to the top, though not without some huffing and puffing. Mt Tarrengower is a short but challenging climb with a grade consistently around or over 10% once you cross the hillclimb ‘Start’ line. Not too surprising that it has been a popular hillclimb venue for many years.

Mt Tarrengower Tower
Mt Tarrengower Tower

There are a maze of dirt bike tracks heading down from the summit but I headed back down along the road this time around – giving my braking finger a good workout in the process. I’ll return to explore the many trails in cooler weather with a MUNI setup.

If anything the 137’s on the 29 relative to the climb offered too much leverage – a lot of spinning for slow progress, with standing up and cranking not really an option. I’ll head back to Mt Tarrengower again on the 29, but with 125’s fitted, also have to try it with 150’s on the 36.

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