GUni Mythbuster: Gear Shift Technique

Browse a Schlumpf MUni (Mountain Unicycle) Hub thread and it’s not long before you come across a post or two discussing gear shifting techniques and concerns. Like using a brake on a unicycle, shifting gears – done by tapping axle buttons with the side of your feet while riding – sounds like a death wish […]

Old Bones and Beer

Amazingly trippy yellow stuff 'growing' out of the trees

The sun turned it on today so with a couple of hours to spare I grabbed the KH24 GUni and headed into the nearby state forest. You’d reckon that after huge rain last weekend the trails would be muddy to the max, but the terrain is so harsh in this part of Central Victoria the […]

Sweet Jubber Land MUni

Flooded Quarry, Jubbaland

I went in search of the elusive Jubbaland, home of sweet single track and the annual Castlemaine 6 Hour Enduro.

Muckleford MUni

Kris Holm Schlumpf 24" Geared Unicycle, Muckleford

I’m slowly building up my fitness and knowledge of the new local trails so I can head out on the MUni from home into the nearby forest with some idea of how it all fits together.

Expedition Pass

Expedition Pass Reservoir

The best ride ideas always seem to arrive mid afternoon, just when you’re not sure if there is enough daylight hours left and just when you’re feeling like slothing the day away.

Wattle Flat Mapping Cont

Wattle Flat Single Track Mapping

Wattle Flat is turning out to be yet another Central Victoria MUni heaven – loads of trails covering everything from big lungs, big legs, to big balls! 😛

Wattle Flat Single Track Mapping

End of the ride, Wattle Flat Single Track

Another fun ride at Wattle Flat today, this time on the 24 GUni. I took the Garmin 405 along to continue mapping the single track network.