I went in search of the elusive Jubbaland, home of sweet single track and the annual Castlemaine 6 Hour Enduro.

Turned out to be a GREAT ride on the 24″ GUni.  Lots of flowing single track, lots of up and down, twisting around and around – a super fun fix of smooth and rocky trail. I reckon the 29’er MUni would be great here too.

Fingers crossed I’ll be fit enough to enter the 6 Hour Enduro in 2011.

NOTE: I’ve since learnt that Jubbaland is not on public land/state forest but _private _ land. Access to Jubbaland is only OK during events/rides organized by Central Victorian Rocky Riders.


Flooded Quarry, Jubbaland

Jubbaland MUni

Jubbaland MUni Kodger


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  1. Hey pete,

    looks like a great place to ride, but then again, most places you ride do!!! i’m back in oz in about 10 days, we’ll have to pencil in a spring time muni ride. I’m going to do some over hauling to my uni fleet, switching my schlumpf into my 36er. everything should all be done by start of october, but maybe we can fit in a quick 24/26″ guni ride before i tear my 26″guni to pieces??? awesome.



  2. Daniel a ride before you nuke the 26’er GUni would be cool. My fitness atm is really sh*t though, that might be a bit of a drag for ya, seriously it’s lame.

    But.. could catch the steam train out to Maldon and ride back through the bush to Castlemaine – that’s a fun ride and would be a hoot on the GUni. ?

  3. that sounds awesome. I am in Melbourne grand final weekend, I have commitments on the saturday, but could head up your way on the sunday if you’re free?? I’ll PM you on facebook. 🙂 as for the fitness, I was in form after the mongolia tour, but 2 weeks in china drinking beer undid all that hard work!!! I’m sure we’ll be good for a cruise 🙂

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