Another fun ride at Wattle Flat today, this time on the 24 GUni. I took the Garmin 405 along to continue mapping the single track network.

Have to say the fun factor on 24 GUni was way way up on my earlier ride on the 29’er MUni in the same area. The trails around Wattle Flat seem to suit the GUni perfectly – sharp climbs and gullies suited to 1:1, long flowing single track descents an absolute scream in 1:1.5. I don’t think it’s just the extra speed on the GUni that makes it so much fun – it’s the sensation of going fast on a small wheel with a big fat tire, without pedaling like a madman, changing up and down as the terrain requires – MTB like!

It’ll be fun to see what the trail map ends up looking like. Wattle Flat is neatly hemmed in by a couple of dirt roads – just keep riding until you either come out of the bush onto a dirt road or end up in the bush somewhere you’ve been before. Lots of other trails out there to ride yet.

Didj came along for the ride – he’s a cool  MUni dog and MUCH fitter than me… ATM anyway 🙂

Wattle Flat Single Track
Wattle Flat Single Track

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