A mountain covered in fresh snow. Icy winds. Bitter cold. A new demo eBike. A Saturday afternoon. Is there even a question of what happened next?

A system of cold fronts has once again brought snow down to low levels across Tasmania. It’s always great to wake up and see Mt Wellington capped with snow, and even better to get out there in it, either on foot or bike.

Snow is the new dirt, Winter 2019 Hobart, Tasmania

We’ve finally been able to update our ebike demo fleet and work, so it was only right that I christen the brand new Levo in the pristine snow. Much better than in pristine mud hey!

Compared to the older Levo I’ve been getting around on, the new Levo is definitely a much slicker package all round but most importantly seems to be far more economical when it comes to battery usage. A round trip to the top of the mountain on the older bike would take the better part of a full battery. The new bike got home on approx half a battery. Impressive eot home on approx half a battery. Impressive especially considering how bitterly cold and windy it was across the top of the mountain, and how much snow the bike ploughed through.

Dirt is the new Snow, Winter 2019 Hobart Tasmania

Epic day, made all the more enjoyable with the road up the mountain closed to cars. It was also definitely the coldest I’ve been on a bike in a long time too! The weather had really closed in while I was on the top of the mountain, and the initial descent was straight into the howling bitter wind, fully loaded with stinging ice. It was COLD COLD COLD!

Snow is the new dirt! Well for a few days anyway 🙂

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