With construction of the EPIC trail wrapped up it’s time to say a bittersweet Bye Bye Baby, Baby Bye Bye to Mt Buller.¬†Arriving on the mountain back in early December and walking the trail alignment, the scope of the project felt so huge it was as if we might be spending the rest of our lives working on it. It’s weird now to be tucking the finished trail into bed for the Winter, ready for the grand opening in Summer 2014.

I’ve loved my time in the mountains. Great riding, great crew, lots of adventures, lots of crazy mountain weather and we’ve built a beautiful and exhilarating trail.

Bye Bye Buller
Bye Bye Buller


Buller I’ll miss ya.

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  1. Sooooo hows the epic trail? I assume you have ridden it from start to finish, how is it? Can’t wait to ride it!

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