Being on World Trail’s Alpine EPIC crew at Mt Buller last Summer was awesome. Finally the time has come for the trail to open (on December 6th). Here’s a little look behind the scenes, at a day in the life of the Alpine EPIC.

[coll_video][/coll_video]The first video, above, is a 3000 frame GoPro timelapse shot over one day. The trail traverses into a deep forested gully before switching back and heading for home. We built a large rock bench there so you can either stop, sit and enjoy the view or use the bench as an alternative line.

The second video shows the final stages of getting the machine and crew across a massively rocky cliff section that initially looked impossible. It was most difficult and most satisfying section of trail to build IMO. What took us weeks to get through you’ll blast through in seconds! 🙂


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