Alpine EPIC Time lapse

Being on World Trail’s Alpine EPIC crew at Mt Buller last Summer was awesome. Finally the time has come for the trail to open (on December 6th). Here’s a little look behind the scenes, at a day in the life of the Alpine EPIC.

Alpine EPIC Teaser

Bike Buller have posted a video teaser of the new Australian Alpine EPIC trail due to open on December 6th. It was a dream come true to work with World Trail last Summer on the EPIC trail and I’m super proud of what we achieved. I don’t have any doubt that the fast and flowy […]

Going Down

The lift beside the apartment door is where every work day and MTB adventure at Mt Buller starts and ends.┬áIt’s like a scene from The Matrix as the synthetic voice intones ‘Going Down’ while you sit on your bike waiting to burst out of the metallic, artificial confines of the lift and out on to […]