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2m 6s longer

Have been taking a beating this last week with the flu that is going around, a few more days to go I reckon before it’s out of the system. Lots of flu around this Winter, I’m really looking forward to Spring.  Quite a bit of rain and cold the last week so in some ways not a bad time to be sick I guess but now that the weather has fined up I’m itching to get back out on the bike.

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Ride to Eat

Historic day! After clearing the MTB track at Bress of signage, bunting etc I stopped at the Harcourt BP service station for a munchie reward and had one of the best steak sandwiches EVER.

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Snow Biking

There have been some good snow falls the last day or two thanks to a serious cold front that’s passing over Victoria. I half thought there might even be snow on the Central Highlands early this morning, but not to be, not yet this year anyway.

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Fear Life

Not quite sure how but we seem to have gone from the very cool ‘No Fear’ to ‘Fear Life’ in a couple of decades. Stay inside and fear everything, cos it’s all out to get you.

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A Wee Dram

Well I guess trail conditions in Central Victoria could be best described as damp this morning, as the leftovers of the weather system that flooded southern Queensland and northern NSW passed over.

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Big Rain

Crazy big rain over the last few days in Central Victoria. After years of drought the ‘average’ rainfall we’ve had over Winter and Spring has been a huge relief, the storms the last few days though have been wild!

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