Arse? almost…

I’ve had a fair amount of discomfort radiating from my neck and limited movement ever since that stupid crash back in early June. The novelty has worn off gobbling codeine and anti-inflammatories, and the whole thing has been eating away at my fun ride coupons for a while now so I guess it’s probably time to have a better look at what’s going on… and there’s no funner way than x-rays, scans and the like. Always kinda weird and cool to see your insides I reckon… nom, nom!

Will find out more early next week.

Nom nom
Nom nom

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  1. Jeez I hope it isn’t too serious. These old bodies need a bit more tender love and care then our 20 something bods did. I’m just recovered from tweaking my lower back/pelvis from swinging a leg over my saddle with too much gusto! 😉

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