There have been some good snow falls the last day or two thanks to a serious cold front that’s passing over Victoria. I half thought there might even be snow on the Central Highlands early this morning, but not to be, not yet this year anyway.

Yesterday’s max temp of around 6 degrees accompanied by drizzling rain got into my bones — no temptation to head out for an MTB ride, just felt old and cold — but it did remind me of the years I spent living in Victoria’s mountains. It was great fun, working my butt off over each Winter season at Falls Creek but still managing to squeeze in some play, mountain biking each Summer away.

I did ride the Stumpjumper in the snow sometimes. After a good freeze, first thing in the morning you could get out around the High Country on the groomed cross country ski trails, just beware of your front wheel breaking through the freeze, bringing the bike to an immediate halt. Splat! The groomed downhill ski trails in the resort were a hoot too. If Fat Bikes had been around back then I reckon it would’ve made for awesome mayhem. Later on I lived in Bogong Village but still worked at Falls and would fang back down to Bogong at night on the Stumpy, Niterider blazing, through the snow, slush and mud. Crazy looking back on it, and bloody cold!

I loved living in the mountains and loved MTB, but for whatever reason downhill skiing never had the addictive appeal. I did love goofing off in the snow though, so when the snow bikes were dragged out no encouragement was needed 🙂

Sneakers: check
Jeans: check
No Helmet: check
Crudely made snow bike with sharp steel edges: check
All systems GO!



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