Have been taking a beating this last week with the flu that is going around, a few more days to go I reckon before it’s out of the system. Lots of flu around this Winter, I’m really looking forward to Spring.  Quite a bit of rain and cold the last week so in some ways not a bad time to be sick I guess but now that the weather has fined up I’m itching to get back out on the bike.

I’ve got to manage my riding better as I’ve tended to ride too much (mainly to make the most of good weather), get too fatigued and then get sick… doh!

Local Weather
Local Weather

Sort of been productive though — fixed up the PC, tidied things up, cleaned the bike, worked on a couple of web projects.

Always on the look out for a cool weather sites and came across Wunderground.com. Apparently there’ll be 2 minutes 6 seconds more daylight today than yesterday. Not that I’m counting 😛

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