Digital Hippie

Ibis Mojo HD3

Call it All Mountain. Call it Enduro. I just call it Kick Ass.

Lake Mountain Super G Descent

Well, if this turns out to be my last MTB ride, what a cool way to go out!

The Lake Mountain Super G descent is an absolute cracker of a ride. 12km long, starting at the top of Lake Mountain and ending at the resort ticket box down in the valley below it’s everything an MTB ride should be. Backcountry, fast, long descents interspersed with good climbs. Old school singletrack, walking trail, contemporary MTB trail and more.  And at the end of it a cruisey 10km climb up the sealed road back to the top of the mountain.

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Buxton MTB Park

With only a couple of weekend’s work left at Falls Creek I figured it was time to take in a few nearby MTB parks along the way. Doing so also provides a fun way to break the long drive to North East Victoria.

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Mystic MTB Park Bright

With my Mojo 3 in the workshop getting its faulty KS Lev repaired, it was a great opportunity to dust off the HD3 and head for Mystic MTB Park, located in a pine plantation just outside of the town center of Bright.

With limited time on the first visit I rode lower (and easier) trails including Grevid’s Way, Gorilla Warfare, Caros Track, Twisties and the Pump Track. Though riding in pine plantations isn’t my favorite thing  – much prefer being in native Australian bush – it was good fun to be rolling around on unfamiliar trail.

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Monday Funday

Managed to squeeze in an early morning ride at Falls Creek before heading back to Central Victoria for a few days.

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Everlasting Love

Always awesome to be up in the mountains, especially seeing them change color throughout the Summer. The everlastings have just come into flower, turning the Bogong High Plains from white to yellow.

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