You could almost feel the weight of the heavy grey clouds as a chunky weather front slowly moved across Central Victoria last night. It might have been still, warm & humid ahead of the change but for whatever reason it ended up being awesome conditions for a night ride.

I guess it’s not surprising that after a while you tend to take your local riding for granted. I’m definitely guilty of that from time to time. Maybe going to the Mont 24h in Canberra has helped reset my dial a little. It’s a lot of fun to ride somewhere new but it’s also fun to return home, where the trails are like old buddies.

Around here the trails might be light on grip a lot of the time but they roll fast – it’s a pretty fun and cool combination. We might not have mega mountains, but we make the most of the vert we have.┬áThere might not be hero dirt or much dirt at all for that matter for building huge and/or numerous berms, but the trails are super robust and close to mud free year round… and the day or two after rain trail conditions are sublime. Yeah, reckon Central Vic is an OK place to live if you’re into mountain biking.

Anyway, that’s some of the stuff that was dribbling around ahead of change! I’m looking forward to getting back to work on Red Tape, a fresh section of trail in Woodbrook, over the Easter holidays.


Heavy Grey Clouds


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