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Ride Castlemaine

No mountains and not much green, but good riding year round.

Finally some sun

Man I tell ya Winter so far has been back to back grey, cold, rainy days. Good for snow fall in the mountains, not so good for MTB riding elsewhere. It was great to finally score sunny day ahead of the next cold front which is forecast to include snow down to 300m!

It was great to get out on the Mojo 3.  Just about time to give it a clean I reckon!

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Lazy Sunday Arvo

With the Summer MTB season in the mountains done and dusted I was back in Central Victoria this weekend, and by Sunday afternoon found myself looking for something stupid to do. Time to check out a big pile of dirt dumped just across from our house by a neighbor who happens to run an earthmoving business. So soft and loose. Good fun!


Saw this cool new street art installation riding around Castlemaine the other day, and had to get a pic of the Mojo 3 right #underyournose haha!

And just like that!

Dunno what happened to Spring, but — boom — just like that it seems to be Summer already! Our yard has turned from green to dead brown, and the trails around Central Victoria are already dusty as. Oh well, time to clean the pool! 🙂

ps. Yes I know, no helmet. Bad hippie, bad!

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