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Ride Castlemaine

No mountains and not much green, but good riding year round.

General Mischief

Loved today’s ride. Some days things just seem to float along, you’d reckon if you looked down the tires would be magically hovering above the ground. I guess it offsets the days when you just seem to be smashing into everything.

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Wild Flow-ers

Had a great day in the bush, working on a short alternative section of trail. I’d only planned to spend an hour or so out there but couldn’t resist — beautiful Spring day, bush packed with flowers, and if I could get the first pass as the section done the rain forecast in the next few days should settle it down nicely… perfect! Fast forward 5-6 hours, wiped out, job done!

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GoPro Chesty

I got a cool gift from my fam for my birthday, a GoPro Chesty strap, but haven’t had a chance to mess around with it as I’ve been sick with the flu since and haven’t been out on the bike. Such a nice day outside today I thought screw the flu, I’m outta here.

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B’day Bash

After a bunch of riding and track stuff had a few rest days this last week, which happened to fit in nicely with wet wintery weather.

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Rake Recon

Have spent some quality time with the rake and shovel lately, unearthing old forgotten trails along with helping maintain trails that see a fair amount of regular use. It felt great to get out on the Mojo HD today and test some of it out. There’s one turn in particular I’m really happy with so far – it’s gone from being a boat anchor to a slingshot. Here’s a fun way to pack down a turn…

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Frost then sunny

Frost then sunny, my favorite winter’s day forecast and there’s a few of them this week, sweet! I headed out for a midweek Mojo fix and it was also the first longer ride using new Shimano shoes, more about the shoes another time.

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Doctor Mojo

After a run of wet and cold weather it  felt great to get out on the Mojo HD again, with refreshed legs too. Apart from fallen branches and debri the trails were in prime condition – damp but grippy.

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Walmer State Forest

The upcoming Castlemaine round of the Interwinter XC series is being held in the Walmer State Forest in a section of bush otherwise known as Baco, as it backs onto the Bacon Factory. Being only a couple of minutes from home I ride through Baco often on the way to the network of trails that run from Castlemaine out to Barkers Creek and back. It’s a handy and fun way to warm up for the ride ahead or cool down on the way home. The Baco terrain is all fairly gentle and outside of an event not really the type of terrain that n MTB enthusiast would travel from afar to ride, but it should make for a fast, fun XC race especially as the trails are almost completely mud free even during Winter.

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