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XC GUNI Bar – unicycle handlebar for Cross Country 36″ GUNI (Geared Unicycling)

XC GUni Bars for Sale

Three hand crafted ‘XC GUni’ (unicycle handle) bars were produced in the same batch as the two I’ve used for the last 18 months or more on both my KH36 and KH24 GUni (and KH36 GUni before that).

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The XC GUNI Bar Project

Not long after my KH36 arrived in early October 2008 I started thinking about XC handle bars for unicycles. The KH36 is so much fun to ride off road and the longer rides, higher speeds and nature of the 36″ wheel seemed ideally suited to XC style bars of some sort.  The arrival of my Schlumpf MUNI Hub a couple of months later – first built into a 29 wheel, then 36 – with its awesome bike like grinding in top gear and high speed reinforced the idea that the front bumper handle wasn’t really enough to control and enjoy the GUNI off road. A good handlebar also makes road riding more comfortable too!

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