GoPro Chesty

Didj the dog, clearly amused by the Chesty birthday gift!

I got a cool gift from my fam for my birthday, a GoPro Chesty strap, but haven’t had a chance to mess around with it as I’ve been sick with the flu since and haven’t been out on the bike. Such a nice day outside today I thought screw the flu, I’m outta here.

Joby Gorillapod

One downside of unicycling alone is that it can be difficult (and a hassle) to capture interesting photos and videos. Aside from rider and unicycle mounted camera systems like the GoPro HERO Wide, tripod mounted shots are the most common solution. With their rigid design standard tripods, even smaller ones, can be a hassle to […]

GoPro Helmet HERO Wide

It’s not easy being a lone unicyclist in the forest… well actually that’s not true, more often than not it’s absolutely fantastic! Occasionally though it’d be great to have something – pictures or video – to show family and friends why riding unicycles off road is so enjoyable. It’s not always so easy to get […]