Someone out there probably is…. I guess. Not me! 🙂

The sunny morning turned into a cold and windy Winter’s day. I headed out for a ride but ended up spending more time goofing off than riding. But I’ve gotta say my new Schwalbe tyres stick to granite slabs and boulders like the proverbial. Awesome!

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  1. Hi Pete,

    Can you tell me what brand and model knee pads your using and what you think of them as far as comfort for all day pedalling.



  2. Hiya Mick the knee pads are 661 Rage. Here’s a review of them

    Fwiw these are my first set of MTB knee pads. I got them based on a recommendation from Rich at Over the Edge in Melrose as a good place to start, and he was spot on. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy wearing knee pads at all but have been surprised at how comfortable these are. In terms of all day pedaling I did a couple of weeks of that in Melrose wearing the 661’s every day and pretty much forgot I even had them on after the first few minutes… very comfy and not overly hot. This was in cold weather though. I’m yet to wear knee pads during the Summer. They are a little bulky but don’t feel that way when you’re wearing them. There are more expensive, lighter, high tech pads out there.

    I generally don’t wear the knee pads when riding the local trails day to day, but when heading out on faster/riskier trails, like the Super D at Melrose. It probably also has to do with habit. I’ve busted a knee before so I should probably learn from that. The pads have also come in super useful when doing lots of video stuff in the bush, where you’re on your knees a lot!

    Anyway there ya go!

  3. Cheers Mate,

    I’m a late bloomer when it comes to MTB riding and have started riding with some guys that are a lot younger and faster than me which is pushing me to ride faster. I’m really enjoying it but can’t afford to be off work due to injuries so am looking for some protection that doesn’t impede on my riding.

    Great blog mate, keep it up and safe riding,



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