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Ibis Mojo HDR

The King is dead, long live the King.

Last Hurrah Mojo HDR

It seems fitting that the last hurrah on my Mojo HDR played out damp and grippy trails – the best riding conditions of the Summer to date in fact, thanks to much needed rain.

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Summer Solstice

The trails might be dry and dusty but at least there’s no shortage of daylight during Summer, making evening rides a thing to be savored. I like to mark each solstice with a ride so headed out on my Mojo HDR to enjoy the most daylight hours in 2014.

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Early Summer

It’s shaping up to be another dry and hot Summer, which is pretty much all it can be in Central Victoria! Here’s a few GoPro pics from recent rides.

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Four Mile Spur

We’d ticked off West Ridge and Howqua, the last backcountry adventure for the Summer to tick off was Four Mile Spur. 

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Going Down

The lift beside the apartment door is where every work day and MTB adventure at Mt Buller starts and ends. It’s like a scene from The Matrix as the synthetic voice intones ‘Going Down’ while you sit on your bike waiting to burst out of the metallic, artificial confines of the lift and out on to the trails.

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