I’ve been extremely fortunate to land a great job, working for Bike Ride in Hobart. Part of Bike Ride’s story is Crank-e, an electric MTB hire operation which I’ve been tasked with helping to grow.

What the e-hell hippie?! Here’s the thing – e bikes are coming ready or not. Change in my view anyway is inevitable. Remember the hullaboo when suspension forks were first released? And the reality is e bikes are fun, a different fun for sure versus a regular MTB, but still fun. It’s not like we’re finding a cure for the world’s ills here right? plus a fella’s gotta work.

So day to day it means I get to mess around on an ebike, mapping rides, testing battery performance etc. I’ve also been using an e bike to get to work – it’s quicker than driving in peak hour plus I get to enjoy the trails.

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