I’m not going to kid ya, seriously my commute to work is SICK! At this time of the year it might be COLD, it might be wet but dang it’s always fun!

From up near Ferntree there’s over 450m of vert down to the city on offer each morning, and almost all of it on forested old school single track. The commute is made even sweeter by being able to use one of Crank-e’s electric MTB’s. Why? Because it means I can do a half days ride in just under an hour on the way to work, covering the majority of the South Hobart trail network, and then cruise back up the mountain after work at night. Those eMachines ain’t all bad!

Early morning commute

Here’s a funky Relive replay of a typical morning commute taking in a few of South Hobart descents.

Relive ‘Tuesday Commute’

450m vert minimum to work!

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