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Blue Dirt

When surfers go mountain biking good shit is going to happen.

Summer Solstice

I always try to mark the Summer solstice with an adventure of some sort. The actual solstice was around 9.45pm in North East Victoria, so I figured it was a good opportunity to charge up the night lights and head up to Ropers Lookout.

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Backcountry is best

Gotta say I’ve been enjoying revisiting backcountry rides I last rode some 20+ years ago! It’s a real treat to create new memories on those same trails.

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It’s great to be living near a large body of water again. Pretty cool that it’s up in the mountains and only a few minutes ride from Falls Creek too.

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Sunny skies and hero dirt

Pretty hard to believe in the last seven days we’ve scored back to back days of perfect mountain weather for the season opening weekend, followed by a wild snow storm mid week, and now back to sunny skies just in time for this weekend.  

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MTB Season is go!

It’s been an epic few weeks getting ready for Ignition, the MTB opening season here at Falls Creek, and boy did it go completely off!

We’re set for a huge Summer in the mountains 🙂

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