Flowtown is Falls Creek’s brand spanking new feature trail for the Summer. Built by World Trail it runs from the village down to Howmans Gap.

Straight up Flowtown is true to its name, offering up gobs of sweet flow and enjoyment to riders of all skill levels.

The new trail can be ridden on its own or as part of a longer descent taking in Frying Pan Spur, High Voltage and Wishing Well. After riding Flowtown you can opt to ride back up to Falls Creek via the Packhorse Trail, or shuttle. While Packhorse is a scenic, enjoyable climb (on what is essentially a walking trail), there is a reasonable amount of vertical to be recovered so my guess is most folk will opt for the short shuttle ride back to the village.

Being at Falls Creek last Summer and now this Summer, I’ve been fortunate to ride Flowtown a bunch of times (with the blessing of the trail builders of course). It’s definitely a super fun alignment featuring increasingly fast descents separated by short traverses/climbs. The trail ends with a cracker of a flowing descent ensuring you’ll want to get back up to the village ASAP for another run. There are also optional features along the way for more advanced riders to enjoy.

Thanks to the perfectly shaped rollers much free speed is on offer but make no mistake, the super fast nature of Flowtown means there is potential for carnage regardless of skill level. So take it easy on the first run or two.

Flowtown officially opens at Ignition, the season opener on Novemer 19-20. See ya there!

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