I’m stoked for some epic backcountry night rides in the mountains this Summer – the ones where you head off on dark and end up down in the valley 4-6 hours later!

While I’m waiting for a new uber helmet light to arrive – an Exposure Equinox MkII – thought I’d go for a spin around the trails at dusk and make a pic at this little sequence of turns on the unfortunately named ‘Discharge’ trail at Falls Creek. Pretty happy with how it turned out!

Photo info: For any folk interested, it’s a 60 second exposure, aperture 6.3, ISO 400, taken just after dusk (close to pitch black to the eye). To create the illusion of riding down the track at night, you kinda need to ride it in both directions – so there’s a constant ribbon of light. It was like doing interval training in this case as 60 secondsĀ isn’t quite enough time to make it down then back up.

Mountain night life, Falls Creek

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